Copenhagen food and drink – a wonderful Danish culinary tour

Nyhaven, Copenhagen (picture by PJ Soans).
Nyhavn, Copenhagen (picture – PJ Soans)

Copenhagen food and drink – Denmark’s capital is stylish, architecturally enthralling, and hosts a really thriving culinary culture. If you haven’t visited yet I would heartily recommend you do. We certainly plan to return in the very near future for more supping and dinning…

I like to think of myself of being moderately (gastronomically) well-travelled. I’ve sipped bubbles in the reflected gleam of the Sydney Opera House, sampled the culinary delights that New York, San Francisco, and even Las Vegas have to offer – check out Hot and Juicy Crawfish, it’s splendid. And I’ve had some fantastic meals across much of southern and western Europe.

However, there’s a gap in terms of pins on the dining-related world map of places JML and I have visited. For, until recently, I was someone of middle age who has never visited Scandinavia.  A shameful omission, I know.  Yet thanks to a surprise birthday trip I am Scandi-deficient no more, as this July JML and I spent a wonderful, wonderful (sorry) long weekend in Copenhagen.

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